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To volunteer or find out more information, contact Bonnie Montgomery at (408) 600-6654 or email

My favorite story happened while I was teaching the women how to crochet an edging on a fleece blanket.  One woman carefully followed the directions, but she wasn't sure she could continue the design by herself.  The next week she brought her completed blanket to show me.  It had a beautiful ruffled edge, much fancier than what I had taught her.  She said, "I remembered my mother crocheting, and my mother's love just ran down my arm and guided my hand while I worked."   A volunteer for Lifted Spirits

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Our staff is primarily volunteers who have a heart for what we do together and care deeply for those we serve. We are very fortunate to have devoted volunteers who come weekly or when needed to serve our outdoor friends and the women in the drop-in center.